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Renovation Management & Reports


With the flood of recent renovation shows jamming the airways, people can get a bit over excited and rush head long into a renovation job that seemed small at the start but ends up proving costly. This can lead to uncompleted, poorly constructed and often dangerous alterations or renovations.

Terms like – Renovators dream – Ripe for renovation, often fire the dreams of home buyers (and those buying a second home).

But rising building costs, competition for suitable properties and flat house prices can turn a renovators dream into a nightmare. Naive investors are at risk if they think any old property will bring them renovation riches.

The key to getting it right is to do your home work, find the right type of property and renovate in tune with the building style, location and potential buyers.

Bullas Building Consultants can help you with all these questions and more. We give you a written report on the entire property, a reasonable expectation on what it will cost to bring it back to the former glory and a full Quality Control Inspection Service that takes the worry and frustration out of your hands.


Bullas Building Consultants extensive renovation reports are a must for any home owner undertaking the often daunting and time consuming task of renovating their family home or investment property. If not managed correctly, it could end up costing more than you had budgeted for.

Quality Control

We can supervise the entire project for you. From the hiring of contractors to the application of council and other relevant permits. We will also see the job right through to the very end.

Structural Advice

We give the property in question a thorough inspection that not only tells you what problems already exist, but stops any unexpected issues from surfacing during the renovation process or after.

Preparation Advice

We offer experienced and qualified advice on everything you need to consider before you even touch a thing, such as permits, building regulations and environmental considerations that may be applicable to your area.

Trades & Services

Believe it or not, Not all trades people are right for the job. You may need a cabinet maker, but a cabinet maker who is specialised in a particular style of cabinet making. We know how and where to find these types of trades and business.



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